We Are Limitless. Let Nothing Hold You Back

Limitless is for those of us who grind, hustle and put in work on a daily basis.

Our company was started in my last years of college where I started reasearching how to make a clothing the peices came together and offically in 2018. Our goal is to Inspire and motivate the people who support us thru storytelling, events and high quality products. When starting this journey we knew that we wanted to start a clothing brand because street fashion has been one of the most important things to us since childhood but we didn't know what are niche was or who we really were as a company. Then we figured it out, it's Sports. Sports are the one thing that all the members of our team have been doing since we were kids. Sports was the thing we did when we got out of school. Sports was the thing that helped to get me out of my parents house and into a D1 University. Sports is where I made most of my friends and learned most of my life lessons. Also sports is what I still continue to take part in!  We want to take share our love of sports & fitness with you. And invite you to join the limitless family.

-Michael Okoro

 Let nothing hold you back, Go for you goals, and Be Limitless 

Wings Track Suits

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Let Nothing hold you back

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