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The Power of Yoga

Yoga is thought to date back to the Indus valley civilization around 3000 BCE. Yoga has become popular in America since then. Now a days  a lot of successful people do yoga because it can help keep your mind and spirit aligned which helps in your overall life. Which is why to us yoga is essential to try to incorporate into your routine. To live Limitless you need to have balance when life gets stressful it will help bring you to presence.  Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that express a variety of practices and goals. Yoga is a technique to control body and boost the mind as well. For me its similar to meditating but yoga brings your...

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The benefits of meditating in 2021

  Life get stressful Life can get stressful so we need to have outlets to displace the energy. One thing that Ive started doing is meditation. We've all heard of meditation but for me now was the time I really gave it a try. So far Ive been seeing the benefits I've had better mental health, usually more focused and energized when I'm done meditating. Since its helped me I just wanted share some tips  and benefits with you.    Simple Way to meditate effectively   Sit or lie in a  comfortable Position. Anywhere is fine but you may even want to invest in a special chair, cushion or mat Close your eyes Make no effort to control the breath; JUST breathe...

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