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4/20 A Chill day of Music, Movies and Munchies

  The days and weeks have felt long as quarantine is getting longer and longer but we thought we would take a opportunity to celebrate 420 and make a limitless playlist for you to vibe your smoke jams to and you know you gotta have a good movie in between sessions while we gotta be inside all day. Below there’s even a couple munchies recipes to make and snack on all day. We got a Instagram live video going on today with a jam sesh with DJX2050 and some friends, come chill with us and light one up, enjoy the day and smile       -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   There’s nothing like a good movie after smoking with your friends, it’s...

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Quarantine & Chill - The top Netflix movies and shows to watch during social distancing

March 17, 2020   Since last weekend we've started watching more Netflix trying to entertain ourselves while we stay indoors. Now its official, Places are closing, people are being laid off and we must stay at home unless we have to go to the grocery store. To fill our time at night we have been searching Netflix to find movies to watch and have actually been finding some good movies on there. To be honest sometimes you find movies on Netflix easily to watch and other time you’re just scrolling endlessly and just watching the 30 second commercials, loosing track of time and then not watching anything. Since we feel we’ve been on a steady roll finding some classics or...

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Love Songs to Ride to | Vday Playlist

    This Playlist is curated by The Limitless Company Team.  Featuring Artist New and Old with both songs you know an love and the ones you never new you needed to hear.  Listen to this with your loved one on the way to the Movies, Dinner and in the Bedroom!   https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/love-songs-to-ride-to/pl.u-4Jomaj3CJkW51r7      

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