4/20 A Chill day of Music, Movies and Munchies


The days and weeks have felt long as quarantine is getting longer and longer but we thought we would take a opportunity to celebrate 420 and make a limitless playlist for you to vibe your smoke jams to and you know you gotta have a good movie in between sessions while we gotta be inside all day. Below there’s even a couple munchies recipes to make and snack on all day. We got a Instagram live video going on today with a jam sesh with DJX2050 and some friends, come chill with us and light one up, enjoy the day and smile






There’s nothing like a good movie after smoking with your friends, it’s a good time to take a break and let the weed kick in. My go to are comedies of course like the classic smoke movies, but really any movie can catch your attention sometimes you find yourself watching a action movie, Sci-Fi’s are good too or some real old school classics that never get old. Here’s a list we put together that are some classics we like to watch 


  1. How High
  2. Pineapple Express
  3. Friday
  4. Cheech & Chong- Up in Smoke
  5. Half Baked
  6. Harold and Kumar- White Castle
  7. SuperBad
  8. Dolemite
  9. Scary Movie
  10. 40 year old virgin
  11. SuperTroopers
  12. Ted
  13. Dazed & Confused
  14. The Night Before
  15. Big Lebowski
  16. Paul
  17. Star Wars- any ( Space Movie + Weed = Mind Blown)
  18. Mars attacks
  19. Austin Powers- International Spy
  20. Grandmas Boy



Tonight, we are having some of our friends over to enjoy each other’s company although with social distancing going we just wanted to enjoy a few hours together catching up, having a DJ session with DJX2050 with some munchies. We are applying that everyone smokes their own joints (no puff puff pass). One of the all-time best munchies for anything not even high munchies is tacos! Their manageable to make and easy for everyone to make their own. So I put together some carnitas & shredded chipotle chicken tacos and for some dessert snacks I made a brooskie  (brownie&cookie combo thing, that you can find on Pinterest). Here are some recipes below to make yourself  if you likeJ enjoy


Carnitas- if you can overnight marinade it will be best thing you can do, if not that’s cool too you could do it for 30min before your able to cook or not at all. It helps the meat stay tender when it cooks. For meat I’m using boneless pork shoulder, but you can also get boned


Quick marinade- half orange, lime juice, salt, pepper, quarter onion (ruff chopped), Mexican beer (chefs choice) and small amount of cilantro


Cook in oven at 250 degrees for 3-4 hours depending on how big your pork shoulder is, I would temp it every two hours or so until reaches at least 145degrees. After the meat is cooked it should be tender and pull apart easily, shred the meat (I put the meat on a separate plate to shred if I can’t get it all and then  I place back in pot) take out the oranges and onions that you cooked with so that its just the meat and juices & NOW its  ready to serve. You can cook this In a crockpot too or move the meat on the stove to stay warm for serving


Chicken- The chicken will be cooked in my crockpot with, half of a tomato chicken bouillon cube, Mexican seasoning, quarter of an onion, salt&pepper, one chipotle pepper and some of its juices from the can (not a lot just to give it flavor not to overpower it), some chopped jalapeno and juice from the can and some water. Cook slow for 4 hours and if cooked and tender started shredding the chicken on a separate plate if needed and place back and set temp to warm and ready to serve


Serving with chopped onion, cilantro, salsa verde, green onion, sour cream, lettuce, and cheese


For dessert I’ve never made this before so I hope it turns our right but how hard can it be and im not even making it all homemade. I got some premade cookie dough and brownie mix. Make the brownie mix as directed and place in pan, get out your cookie dough and using about a spoon full-ball shape place ontop of brown mix all over the top and cook as directed for brownies. I got some green frosting to try and put cute little weed leaf’s on top to be extra ;)