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Quarantine & Chill - The top Netflix movies and shows to watch during social distancing

March 17, 2020


Since last weekend we've started watching more Netflix trying to entertain ourselves while we stay indoors. Now its official, Places are closing, people are being laid off and we must stay at home unless we have to go to the grocery store. To fill our time at night we have been searching Netflix to find movies to watch and have actually been finding some good movies on there. To be honest sometimes you find movies on Netflix easily to watch and other time you’re just scrolling endlessly and just watching the 30 second commercials, loosing track of time and then not watching anything. Since we feel we’ve been on a steady roll finding some classics or oldies we forgot about and some new ones we tried. So here’s a small list of Netflix Films to watch or check out, we tried to make the list small and not overbear your mind with a verity of categories.  Enjoy!  We included some great homemade Popcorn to try at the bottom


  1. Harlem Nights - Classic Comedy Staring Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor
  2. Spenser Confidential
  3. Q-Ball - Great Documentary about Prison and basketball 
  4. Freedom writers
  5. Paid in Full
  6. Beyond the mat - Up Close and personal Wrestling Documentary 
  7. Love is Blind
  8. Goodfellas - A Glimpse into La Cost Nostra, The Mafia
  9. Blow
  10. HunterxHunter 
  11. Die another Day - Classic Bond movie 
  12. 21 
  13. Hip-Hop Evolution - Documentary about the growth and changes of hip hop
  14. Ali 
  15. Scary Movie
  16. The Do Over
  17. Kat Williams - The Pimp Chronicles 
  18. The Dark Night - Greatest Superhero Movie of all time 
  19. Mo’Money - 90s movie with the Waynes Bros as main characters 
  20. The Pursuit of Happiness - A reminder to never give up 




Classic Homemade Popcorn:


¼ Tsp Sea salt       ¼ cup of popcorn kernels.    1 Tsp butter or coconut oil    1 Paper- brown bag

Directions -   Place popcorn in paper bag and roll the top down to seal it as good as possible and microwave 2 min and 30 seconds. After its done place popcorn in bowl and pour your melted butter or coconut oil & enjoy 

Kettle-Corn Popcorn:

¼ cup to 1 cup of popcorn.  3tsp of butter or coconut oil.  1tbsp sugar   ¼ tsp salt

Make popcorn and combine ingredients & enjoy

Parmesan Garlic & Herb:

Blend the following spices- parmesan cheese, garlic powder and Italian herbs. * you can also add red pepper flakes for spice.  Mix in your popcorn & enjoy!