Who We Are


Founded in 2018, The Limitless Company is not your typical athletic-wear brand. Our products exemplify the perfect balance between streetwear fashion and healthy living. Every member of our team understands that in order to reach your full potential, you must adopt a Limitless mindset - letting nothing hold you back from your true destiny.

When you rock Limitless apparel, you're making a clear statement that you also understand what it means to live beyond boundaries. We invite you to join the Limitless family and to grow with us as we free minds worldwide.


Meet Our Founder: Michael Okoro

"Our company was started during my last years of college when I started researching how to start a clothing brand. Our goal is to Inspire and motivate the people who support us through storytelling, events and high-quality products.

When starting this journey, we knew that we wanted to start a clothing brand because of the imprint street fashion had on our childhoods - but we didn't know what are niche was going to be. Then we figured it out: Sports. Our love of sports is the one commonality that tied us all together. Sports created opportunities in my life that I otherwise wouldn't have had access to - landing me at a D1 University.

Being involved with sports is how I made most of my friends and learned my most important life lessons. Now, we all strive to share our love of fashion, fitness, and wellness with everyone who knows what it means to truly be Limitless.

Let nothing hold you back, go for you goals, and be Limitless."